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Sur Last

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Sur Last®, made by Glen Raven, is a solution-dyed polyester fabric that offers great protection for anything outdoors. This material is commonly used for all kinds of protective coatings and is a fantastic option for creating your own boat, automotive, motorcycle and PWC covers. Sailrite® Hatch Canopy Kits come standard with Sur Last fabric in your choice of color. The fabric was originally developed by Glen Raven for the marine industry, but is quickly becoming a standard for auto and motorcycle covers as well.

This fabric is exceptionally well-suited for outdoor covering applications due to its tough, non-abrasive polyester construction. It features excellent wear and abrasion resistance with good breathability, so it will protect your most valuable assets without encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. When you have a solution-dyed fabric, the color and UV inhibitors are built into the fibers and can’t be separated. The result is a strong, long-lasting fiber that won’t fade, wash out or transfer to your gel coat when trailering. Additionally, Sur Last fabrics feature a urethane coating that enhances the stability of the weave and allows for greater water repellency. This coating is also designed to minimize shrinkage and stretching over time.

This fabric is made for easy fabricating, too. You can cut it with scissors without fear of the fabric raveling — no hotknife required. Purchasing Sur Last is simple at Sailrite. We carry the complete collection of Sur Last colors to ensure that you find the right shade for your individual project. The solution-dyed polyester results in a rich, deep coloring that lasts. To see and feel these fabrics in person, order a sample from Sailrite. If you want to see how Sur Last stacks up to Sunbrella (also made by Glen Raven), Naugahyde®, Phifertex® and some of the industry’s other leading marine fabric brands, reference our handy Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide.

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